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All Of The Above


This is the tank that the taskmaster made
This is the alligator Florida everglades
This is the mess of material excess
Stood up and strong like a full court like press
And when the storm turns the deck to splinters
And when the mast lies like snow in winter
When the boat won't float and you're in the sea's clutch
That's when I guarantee you that nothing never felt like somuch
We hold these truths for to be self-evident
And anyone who isn't with us wouldn't understand
We're not intent on the fall of the government
We're not intent on the rise of the right hand
To all of thee above us
This is the worst thing that's ever happened
The captain's screaming that he's lost his wife and daughter
His hull is breached his heart is broken
The place he keeps his boots is underwater
And if you checked here an hour ago
They would have said everything is copasthetic
But then the sea did a furious thing
It's funny how dreams can be so prophetic
There was a time when this was calm in practice
There was a time when any child could hack this
There was a time when the people left singing
Of the perils and the pendulum swinging
Here's anything to read to help with your thinking
Here's anything to hold to keep you from sinking
Here's two times the work in one half the time
And everything you need is calcium lust and rhyme

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