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The Way To Your Love


I can see the beginning
And I don't see the end
Wanna hold you and never let go - oh no
For as long as we're giving
And we never pretend
I believe in the future untold

We'll be stronger together than we would be apart
I can feel you inside my heart

Every day - every night
Fill my shadows with light
When I feel all alone
Your heart is my home
Every night - every day
You show me the way to love
Show me the way to your love

Baby now that I've found you
Realize I was lost
Didn't know love could treat me this way
Maybe what it comes down to
When it matters the most
Is to find joy in every day

We could sink to the bottom
We could climb to the top
Cause together we'll never give up

(repeat chorus)

Doesn't matter if we're far away
Got each other and thats all I ever need to know
Someone to call my own
We'll be together
Finally - we're meant to be

Every day - every night
Fill my shadows - shadows with light
Every night - every day
Show me the way to your love

(Repeat chorus x1)

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Written by: Mikkel S. Eriksen / Tor Erik Hermansen / Hallgeir Rustan. Isn't this right? Let us know.