I could chase after greatness
First to fall on my knees
Lose myself to be found
Where You want me
I could do all the right things
Sing the words till they bleed
But I know it’s just noise
If I don’t have love

So I won’t waste my breath
If it’s not for love
I don’t have the heart
If it’s not for love
Don’t let me say it’s faith
If it counts no cost
‘Cause there’s no fear in love
But there is a cross

I could speak like the angels
Prophesy knowing all
I could live with the faith
To move mountains
Should I die like a martyr
Give my wealth to the poor
It would all scream loud-nothing
If I don’t have love

Be patient
Be kind
Hold no envy or pride
Be the first to come last
For another
Never forced
Slow to anger
Trust without keeping score
Long to suffer with truth
Love will never die

Love will never die
But there is a cross

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Written by: Benjamin Hastings / Joel Houston / Michael Fatkin. Isn't this right? Let us know.