In The First Place


I don't know why
You come back in my life
Or why we said goodbye
In the first place
In your eyes
I see where we have been
And what could be again
If we can erase
The lies
And the tears that we both cried

Make me
Feel alive again
Take me back where we began
In the first place
Maybe it's all wrong
But you never should have gone
In the first place

Without you here
I always wanted more
Like what we had before
In the first place
And now we know
It wasn't all a dream
You're still a part of me
When hello became goodbye
To a love that never died

I don't know how we ever let it end
Or why you're here again
How did it feel being out on your own
No one to love you when nobody's home
You don't know what you've got
Til you watch it go

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