Sun's up, its a little after twelve
Make breakfast for myself.
Leave the work for someone else
People say, they say that it's just a phase.
They tell me to act my age, well I am,

On this Perfect day,
nothing's standing in my way
on this perfect day
when nothing can go wrong
it's the perfect day
tomorrow's gonna come too soon
I could stay forever as I am
On this perfect day

Sun's down, a little after ten
I pick up all my friends
in my Mercedes Benz
Wake up, don't tell me it's just a dream
'cause when I've had enough you'll hear me say
Now don't you try to rain on my



I'm in the race but I already won,
And getting there can be half the fun.
So don't stop me till I'm good and done
Don't you try to rain on my perfect day

on this perfect day (x2)
Nothing's gonna bring me down
I could stay Forever as I am

Chorus and last verse overlapping till fade

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