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Feeling Sad

Holly Tree

Sitting here all alone, i'm thinking of her
i feel like a crap, cause she's not here as she was
and all alone, i try to do something day after day
but it's impossible cause she's now so far away
phone me girl, send a letter, contact me anyway
i'm fucked up in my life, i gotta see her today
why does she do it? why does she do it with me?
now i'm feeling so bad, like i don't wanna be

she's the one i miss
she's the one i want to stay with
i wanna see her and say "i love you"

i was so happy holding my girl but soon
she disapeared, without a reason to
i don't understand her, just don't understand, it seems sostrange
first she says something, but she won't do the same
but she knows i love her she knows i'm waiting for her
i hope she knows i'm crazy and so bored
without her my life is not the same
she may be crazy too, she's making me insane

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