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Holly Tree

Do 100 years seems a lot of time?
I know there´s no time enough
For anyone be sure of life
Yesterday I´d say I was lost
But no one knows how to do it right
They say I´m living my life wrong
Life can be a dream, or a nightmare
Why burn my mind?
I just don´t care

I stop feeling that old motivation
That creates all dreams in my head
I think twice I realize this question
And I see a good reason not to care
I´ll live my life, won´t think about it
Just don´t care this time

Wrong conclusions, lots regrets
Pessimist Evidences
Silly depressions, idiot mind
Unfinished suicides
I´ll enjoy and I´ll make my plans
Smile to the enemies I won´t care about them
Gotta find I´ve gotta find me
Who wants to be a loser? I know I can be.

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