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What Do You Want From Me Now

Hootie & The Blowfish

Take a little bit of everything baby
I'll be all right
Don't just settle for living the lie
That I thought you might

Put on you disguise
Let me see that your bigger then me
Tell me that tomorrow
I'll wake and yearn for you

And when I call your name out
You leave and take a bow
You say what do you want form me

Call off the service now baby
No one really knew
That I would have to leave
But now I'm a better man

I thought you realized
I wanted you but
You left so suddenly
I know I promised but now I lied

And when I kiss you someday
If you feel that your allowed
You say "What do you want form me now"

Burn all your candles
Turn out the light
Forget the feeling that you've been feeling
Deep inside of me we'll be alright

Now it's the morning after
And I'm doing what you said
No one answers
So I cope 'cause you are gone
Oh I just wanted you baby
But I have to deal 'cause
My heart isn't big enough
To love you even if I please

And if I need you someday
You will not make a sound
Just think what do you want from me now

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