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I Need A Hot Girl

Hot Boys

[Mannie Fresh]
You need a hot one I got one now take it and bend it
Shake it down, break it down, with me and a friend
Biggity bounce, slide, ride, work that cat to the right
Push it down, push it up - boom, you dynamite
Lick it up like ice cream, nigga you know her
She make me bow bow bow bow (Rocky Balboa)
See I lovin it when you thuggin, baby just don't stop
You could wobledee, wobledee (drop drop it like it's hot)
Beat it up and eat it up, love that's yo dick
And if you aint' from the ghetto, then ride out bitch
Arms, legs, back and breasts
You better read her fuckin' tats, nigga Mannie Fresh
Suck it up and yuck it up, baby work on that pole
Got them niggaz in a circle hollerin' here we go-o
Back that azz up lil' one all the way to the zipper
I really like you hot girl but I go ta flip ya

[Chorus: B.G.]
(A-What you need boy?) I need a hot a girl
(A-What you need boy?) I need a hot a girl
(A-What you need boy?) I need a hot a girl
(A-What you need boy?) I need a hot a girl

I need a hot-n-spicy hoe I can shop, with
Give my hoe 10 G's, told her spend the shit (go 'head hoe)
See my hot girl ride Lexus Coupe, bitch
and she got the matchin' Roley hoe, floss yo' shit
and she got the matchin' links for the winter, bitch
now see a real hot girl can't be faded, bitch
roll the dice, hit the seven no craps, bitch
got the brand new Rover off the showroom quick
customized TV's all through that shit
Yokahama 20-inch dubs on that bitch
now see my Cash Money hot girl floss her shit
ridin' uptown bumpin' Hot Boys ya bitch
and that blue-faced Rolex, I bought that bitch
keep big head Benjamins all through her shit
Fuck a "Thug girl" them hoes can only suck my dick
I need a Hot Girl to represent this Uptown shit

[Chorus] - 2X

Where my bitch at? Look...
A hot girl is silent hoe
If a bitch get outta line she a violent hoe
Ain't no pest , far from being a whining hoe
Fuck up she confess, she ain't no lying hoe
That's what I need, a hot girl is a jazzy bitch
I'd take her any day 'fore a classy bitch
On the down low for a nigga she a nasty bitch
I tell her touch it, she gon' reach down and grab the dick
I bust a nut, get soft, she get it back hard
The police kick in the do' she takes the charge
If a nigga go to jail she run for her nigga
Money orders, business and front ones for her nigga
She hear a nigga ballin', work that body for her nigga
Let me come through, hit the stash, and rock up out a nigga
I can't see no other bitch for the B.G.
but a Hot Girl fo' short call her a H.G. ( a hot girl)

[Chorus] - 2X

I like 'em hot, the ones that don't tell me to stop
Eat dick swallow the cum, and they know how to pop
I need a project bitch, a hoodrat bitch
One that don't give a fuck and say she took that dick

[Lil Wayne]
She a doggy wit it
She could wobbledee then she know how to money wit it
Open her legs and squeeze a nigga like she want me in it
Now turn around and back it up
The throw it at a nigga til I say "Ooh that's enough"

Givee me a gangsta hoe
One that don't give a fuck and that'll shank a hoe
One that'll do time for me, and say fuck the po'
Dog you know

[Lil Wayne]
Now Lil' Shorty in the twat have it hurtin and thumpin
They be like say, "He small girl he workin wit somethin"
I'm Lil' Wayne on fire, I'll smash on your boo
I got a Hot Girl bangin, what's the matter wit you?

[Chorus] - 2X

Ya understand? Look
That's a motherfuckin Hot Boys definition of a motherfuckin HotGirl
Do you dig what I'm sayin'? It's all gravy
If you think you fit the description, then come on get with anigga
Come on get with a nigga
If you think it's fabolous, come on get wit a nigga

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