Slowly time is passing somehow I get bye
Keeping myself busy
Is my sole occupation
I don't know
What I'm doing
But it fills my mind
Putting off the moment
When I can't escape you baby.

Alone in the night

Me and the memory
Somebody set me free
From someone who used to be.
A part of my night
Woman please let me go
You said godbye

Now here I lie
Alone in the night.

It's lucky I got lovin' friends who come around
Eatin' drinkin' talkin'
About anything out you love
Late night shows in t. V.
When they've all gone home
And then I gotta face it I am dyin' for you baby.

Alone in the night...

Lonely days are bad enough but come the night
My heart and I can't fight it

We remember come back we surrender.

Alone in the night
Woman please let me go you said goodbye

Now here I lied alone in the night.

Alone in the night...

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