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Torero (She Brings Him Spanish Roses)

Engelbert Humperdinck

She was just a child
When she fall in love
And he was everything
That she'd been dreaming of
She was proud to be the princess
Of a brave matador
Cause she knew that it was her
That he was always fighting for.

She brings him spanish roses
Cause she can still remember
All of the spnish roses
Her lover gave to her.

Torero te quiero.
Torero te quiero.

And now he's just a dream
That she used to love
Cause deep inside her heart
She's hold the memory of
The days she used to watch him
As the crowd sheered his name
To the day he lost the battle
And they acrried him away.

She brings...

She brings...

She brings...
She brings...

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