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This Has Controversy Written All Over It

I Never Heard The Bullet

I am not a preacher, nor a messenger of god
Got a mind of my own you couldn't touch it if you tried
Now do us all a favor and not waste our precious time
Let's give them what they paid for, maybe later we can define...

What makes you the one to speak for and getting in their way
Step aside and let them find themselves

What makes you think we're movin' forward, you're moving forward?
And when we finally do, someone tries to change your mind

Before you start to judge me or the meaning of this song
Won't you ask me where I've been and I'd be happy to sit down
And talk about the way my faith got crumbled to the ground
Then growing up and picking up the pieces that I found

Whether it's a cross, crescent or a star remember who you are
You can change the world one at a time, first starting with yourself

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