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10 Ways To Sneak Up On A Ghost

I Never Heard The Bullet

This might hurt just a little bit, more for me than for you
If you would just take a little sip
Maybe more let it all run through and ease the pain
I can make this so quick, like a bandaid rip it of your arm
This death is handmade full of all the charm that you see standing before you

Breathe in slowly I won't make this hurt more than it needs to hurt you
If you listen to my words then it'd be best if you just don't make a sound

So find a happy place cuz it's your only place
Where you won't have to face this tragic ending of
2 hearts but 1 backed down, it turns the whole thing around
All that we're fighting for is now falling fast.

Now did that hurt just a little bit, not that much you just wait
Cuz I am just getting started, soon you'll be on your knees begging to stop

Don't make a sound until your eyes roll back

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