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I Don't Love Us Anymore

Iggy Azalea

I don’t know what happened
We use to be so good
You killed me, but I knew you would
You killed it like I knew you would
Said every line in the book but I still feel misunderstood
You told me that I do it good, you told me that I do you good (I don’t know what happened)

But this the third time round the track and I still can’t find the right
All the fresh starts are rotten now, even though we only eat out, mr. Chows
Plus the way you act is different now
I couldn't pick you out a crowd

Stranger, get away from me (get back)
Pillow talk, is suffocating me
Get back baby, let me breathe
Don’t drag it on, you’re gonna graze your knees
You're gonna taint all our memories
And when your name come up I be like, "he? Nah." (nah)

Don’t fuck with him (uh uh)
You had'a told me this in the beginning (maybe)
I would'a said they was just hatin’
Would'a defended you, like the debate team (I would)
But now you sayin' shit just to bait me (damn)

Now you ghost like Patrick Swayze
I don’t think I could bring it back
I don’t think we could seal the cracks (I’m sorry)
Pourin’ out what’s best unsaid (damn)

Time ends, makin’ up our bed (hmm)
All that’s left is for us to lay in it (uh huh)
I should'a known you’d be the one to stray from me (ha, ha, ha)
So the queen sits alone on the throne
Next time you call, I’ma give you a dial tone

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