Fast young girl wants to go
Body's red mouth is whole
Got the worst in the world
But this won 't be hassle-free
Lovers kiss in the heat
Body crush basement suite
Mind my eyes behind my hair
Hide my face and look nowhere
Change addresses ditch that guy
Don't pick up when he calls
Runaway everyday
Coffee beans and hideaways
They want these, they want those
First my nose then my toes
Presidents and super meaks
Litey dogs and love boutiques
Afternoons waking up
Neighborhood slouch and stuff
Drifters too in a flow
Nowhere they got to go
Shave haired girl with a dog
Dressing cool not too new
I wanna talk I wanna know
What she feels and what she knows
I'm so fucking alone
I'm so fucking alone
OK. OK.this is me
OK. OK.this is me
Evening breeze river east
Music mix salsa speed
Metal rap lonely sax
Open jeep with the speakers back
Rock n roll band practicin'
Shaking those walls next to me
Everybody is in a dream
Of what they want and who they need
To feel all right to be alive
To wipe out words that they despise
From a thunder brain
That's quick to pain
And only once to live again
When that set up gets in the way
The dreamin brain will make a play
To wipe it all outta space
Press record and then erase
'cause there's something here
They gotta face
Everybody in this place
It's the same for everyone
They gotta figure out something
They gotta figure out themselves
They gotta figure on their own
They gotta figure out, OK?
I'm so fucking alone
I'm so fucking alone
Oh no, being alone
I'm so fucking alone
OK. OK. so this is me
OK. OK. so this is me
This is me
I'm not even sure what she wanted
I'm not even sure what she wanted

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Written by: Eric Schermerhorn / Iggy Pop. Isn't this right? Let us know.