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Doomsday Was Written In An Alien Bible

Ill Bill

I seen the seven-headed dragon talking to the eagle
The two-headed snake illustrates a caution to the
Electronic fog, alien bibles, crop circles at the sand in Cairo
Like Kiss in ?76 demanding pyro
Human history, 50% catastrophe
It?s actually the arms race between the facts of
The secret to success is believing that you succeeded
Is more than an achievement
It?s as important as you breathing
Sometimes it?s one and the same, who?s running the
All we ever say is ?they?, they know it?s fun to
This shit will cause people to riot and flip
The way I think, I?ve been classified as violent and sick
I?m like a time bomb, the CIA designed me to tick
Designed me to head over to Poppy
to buy me a brick
These mother ships hit our radars
in the skies as a blip
The entire sky is eclipsed
just like the size of my dick

[Chorus x 2]

Are these the doomsday chronicles the Bible quotes?
Or is this similar to shock that suicide provokes?
We?re all slaves at the auction where our lives are
Time to free our minds from the shackles and the lies
of old

[Verse 2]

I leave the face of your society with buck fifty
Sour diesel spliffs from weed jars and flip police
Put holes the size of grapefruits through riot gear
Bloody footprints from Jordan Fours on your floor, we
Take fools to higher tiers, elevate to a higher
To a talk on bush on the mountain with fires burning
Commandments are carved in stone
? meant to spark the dome
Now frightening results unfold
Dragons, eagles, snakes, and aliens captured
We keep ?em caged in various constellations and areas
Going through letters, numbers, and symbols that
Pulses and whistles and activate hundreds of missiles
Hundreds of killers with multiple pistols
While these name brands reverse engineer spacecrafts
and make trillions
They made the cure for AIDS and ceased production
While the poor die and fester in diseased corruption

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