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How To Survive The Apocalypse

Ill Bill

If the apocalypse started today
Some of us would try to hide
And some of us would cry to god and pray
It's a dangerous world on a fragile axis
Most of us aren't prepared if society ever collapses
Major volcanic to earthquake events
Tsunamis swallowing cities
Drown entire populations to death
It could be nuclear, biological or chemical war
Or martial law or we could just run out of oil
Those with major health issues won't survive
Anyone on dialysis or a respirator device will die
When the power-grid fails for days, weeks or months or years
Think about that possibility with fear
Power failure leads to no food or water
Leading to collapse of law and order
Then massive robberies and slaughters
Riots and looting
Widespread violence and shootings
Gunshot battles
Survivors take rifles and uzis

I'll show you how to survive the apocalypse
I'll show you how to survive the end of the world

Having guns ain't the key to survival though
They're just a piece of a big puzzle
Of course it's 'bout what you know
Practical skills are your most valuable tool
Don't fall into the same trap that most amateurs do
Buy your beans, bullets and band-aids
Cause in the last days money's worthless
What will matter is what you have to trade
So practice raising a vegetable garden
After the apocalypse you can survive
If you are an exceptional farmer
Old technology could be your salvation
Study how the old world survived before modern civilization
Gaining water, food, shelter, fuel, communications
And build weapons and tools that once used to rule nations
Share and watch each others backs
Choose your friends wisely
Increasing the probability of everyone surviving
But most of all build your self reliance
Protect your family
And make sure always be prepared for violence

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