U.b.s. (unauthorized Biographhy Of Slayer)

Ill Bill

Yo, yo, we taping? Yo. The unauthorized copy. Dedication to my children, my child Riya Mae, my whole family, the world is yours. Acknowledgements:
First off I wanna thank God and I wanna thank everybody for helping me out with this; I couldn't do this without you.

[Verse 1]

Chapter 1
Tom, Jeff, Kerry, and Dave
1981 before they hooked up with Metal Blade they played
Maiden and Priest covers
Brian's label put 'em on Metal Massacre 3 released July, 1983
No recording budget, Tom and Kerry's dad had to pay
For the studio time and Show No Mercy was made
Burst on the scene in 1984
Slayer began their first national club tour
And the facts is they travelled in Tom's Camaro
In August of '84 released Haunting the Chapel
After getting kicked out of Metallica
Dave Mustaine hollered at Kerry King to play in his new thing
Lasted five shows, never went any further
Next exodus, Slayer and Venom, Heavy Murder
Ultimate Revenge Combat Tour, Studio 54
Tom pissed on Cronos' head, it was raw
Hell Awaits was the next anthem
And Metal Forces said that Slayer made 1985's best album
Met Rick Ruben at Def Jam, strike a deal
Same year Rick produced Raising Hell and License to Ill
He produced the greatest thrash metal record of all time
Reign In Blood still sends shivers up your spine
Their first gold album, South of Heaven gold too
Their whole career, so influential and so true
Aged 15 I was so mesmerized
Had every word from Angel of Death memorized
Mad respect Larry Carroll album covers in Spiked Wrist
They won their first Grammy February, '07 like this


Unauthorized biography of Slayer, epilogue: The most controversial heavy metal band in American history. Still active today with all four original members still in tact. Discography: Show No Mercy, Haunting The Chapel, Hell Awaits, Reign In Blood, South of Heaven, Seasons of the Abyss, Divine Intervention, Undisputed Attitude, Diabolus in Musica, God Hates Us All, Christ Illusion. The end - to the new beginning. Yeah, next bought Bad Brains. Peace

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