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Talk about truth
as you fire your gun.
Genocide hand
see your name in blood.

Prophets on fire
better not touch.
It's a fragile God
you're leaning on.

Stand down now
stand down now.

Fill your pockets
act like dumb.
Line your mouth
with a silver tongue.

There's a war outside
the beat goes on.
On the back of our hearts
tears will run.

Stand down now
stand down now.

Rattle this world 'till
the sun don't come.
See the mighty rise
the helpless hung.

Ring those bells
bang that drum.
Do the idiot shake 'till
you can't stand up.

Stand down now
stand down now.

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Written by: Barry Wickens / Brian Betts / Kevin Weatherill / Paul Weatherill. Isn't this right? Let us know.