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I speak with my heart
when the coast is clear,
the eyes of Cotillas
are everywhere.

But they can not hold us
our love has no fear,
for love follows love
as year follows year.


They've got eyes like knives
and a mind full of hate,
in the back of my head
sharp is the blade.

Behind every window
they lay in wait,
they've got ugly little minds
and time to waste.


We hold hands under tables
and we pass little notes,
the kisses I'm saving
get stuck in my throat.

We stand in the cold
where the wild wind blows,
but our hearts take us places
that they'll never know.


We know you're watching
the shadows can't hide,
the eyes of Cotillas
aren't too hard to find.

Remember the days
remember the times,
when they watched you
and you cursed them blind.


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Written by: Barry Wickens / Brian Betts / Kevin Weatherill. Isn't this right? Let us know.

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