The dark worlds of shadows formed ages unknown
Fires to rise from below
Into the dark voids of the blackened beyond
Cometh my visions of old
The battle in my mind 'storms from within'
Tyrants of vengeance and war
Unforgotten is the old vengeful ones
When cold winds and ice bite like swords

Worlds, blacker of worlds
Visions to rise, as granted by the gods

From tales beyond the horizon
They battled the god of the sun
Taken to where thunder rolls
In time when battles begun

In the shadows of the rising beasts from beyond
I journey my own dark vision
Fierce frozen vast paling moon shine
To the bleak hill of the north
Where rising swords once stroke into fire
Ill gather the embattled ones

Darkly beyond all horizons, gathering roars of war
Soon call to arms, swords to meet thy doom
Awakened by shadows, summon the eldest of gods
Clangor of swords, from whom I had called

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