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Blink and you miss a beat
Keep one of your eyes open at all times.
Think that you're on the brink?
The shit hasn't even begun to hit the fan.
Consequence you'll see will be stranger
than a gang of drunken mimes.
Situation has a stink.
Better clear the air before
your son becomes a man.

Blink, everything's been augmented,
you've been left so far behind.
I think, for sure, next time
you should wear a pair of eyes
in the back of your head.
Consequence you've seen
has been stranger than sci-fi of any kind.
Situation baffles me,
I guess it's true, you too
are one of the walking dead.

You better think fast!
Cause you never know
whats coming around the bend.
You better not blink!
For consequence is a bigger
word than you think.
It's bigger than you or me
(Repeat) Chorus

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Written by: Alex Katunich / Brandon Boyd / Chris DJ Kilmore / Jose Antonio Pasillas II / Michael Einziger. Isn't this right? Let us know.