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Just A Phase


I am bottled fizzy water
And you were shaking me up
You are a fingernail running
Down the chalkboard I thought I've left in third grade
Now my only consolation
Is that this could not last forever
Even though you're singing and thinking how well you've got itmade

Who are you?
When will you be through?
Yeah, it's just a phase
It will be over soon
Yeah, it's just a phase
Yeah, it's just a... phase

Call it women's instuition
But I think I'm on to something here
Temporaryism has been the Black Plague
And the Jesus of our age
I know that I sound opinionated
Maybe biased and quite possibly jaded
But sooner than later they'll be throwing quarters at you on thestage

Who are you?
When will you be through?
Yeah, it's just a phase
It will be over. soon
Yeah, it's just a...phase!!

And I am waiting for it to be over too

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Written by: Alex Katunich / Brandon Boyd / Chris DJ Kilmore / Jose Antonio Pasillas II / Michael Einziger. Isn't this right? Let us know.
Subtitled by Aline. Revised by 3 people . Did you see an error? Send us your revision.


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