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(Our) Love Will Endure

Inkubus Sukkubus

You, you were there in my sorrow
You, you were there in my pain
You, you'll be there come tomorrow
You, you'll be there sun or rain
I, I was here in the daytime
I, I was here 'neath the moon
I, I'll be here when buds fall
I, I'll be here when they bloom
We, we are made of the same clay
We, we are moulded as one
Come, come the day when our bones fall
We know our love will endure

All must change
As the day turns to nighttime
But our love will endure

You held my hand in my grieving
You held my hand when we need
You are the air of my breathing
You are the warmth in my bed

Come what may
It is our time to shine bright
For our love will endure

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