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At The End Of The World

Inkubus Sukkubus

It’s been coming for a million years
A parasitic cancer that feeds on your fears
And the wise men say “look to the skies
For the day is upon us when everyone dies”

There is a plague in the east, there is a plague in the west
There is an angel coming and her name is death
There is a fireball descending from the planet of hell
And a thousand sirens to sing the death knell

Here we are at the edge of hell
Here we are at the end of the world
And the graves will open and spew out the dead
Be ready with your gun to shoot them in the head
The black sky falls and jerusalem burns
And the comets crash down as the dead world turns

Cling together and hold each other tight
And the magic of lust might get you through the night
The dead to the left, the dead to the right
Blood on the earth and fire in the sky

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