Do It (Like A Sex Machine)


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When I'm walking in
Every head 's gonna turn
Like I am the queen
Every man really needs
I'm here (for a little bit)
They're here (for even more of it)
Don't move, sit down and see

All the boys in the club
Here we go
I'm gonna like you up
Do It, burn the floor
Someone calls me a sex machine
All the boys in the club
You know what I mean
Give it up, give it up
And get down
If you wanna be with me
Give it up, give it up
Do It now

Turning up the heat
Do you feel in it there
I'm here for you to see
I'm a freak, I don't care
Let's see (can you handle it)
Believe (If you're feeling it)
Don't talk if you want me


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