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Why am I here and your there
So far away its not fair
To be with you like this
I miss you more than
you know
The nights are long the
days slow
Without the warmth of
your kiss
I wish you were back here
with me
Cause out my window
all I see is


Rain Rain in the sky
Every where I look
my eyes see
rain rain falling down
crying as it hits the ground
Rain Rain in my heart
everyday we're apart
rain rain falling rain rain
rain rain only rain rain

The sun is strong when your near
but when your gone it disappeares
behind a ocean of blue
the telephone's not
good enough
it can't reach out
it can't touch me the way
you do
wish you would knock at
my door
cause only you can stop
this pour


Maybe I'll go outside and
walkin beneath the clouds
Pretend that it's you
washing over me
distance is the only thing
that comes beteween us now
baby soon we'll be together
rain fallin from the sky
all i do is cry and think
of you
can't dry my eyes
rise above the clouds
all my love is not allowed
your not here to share
the showers
all my powers taken over
can't find no cover
taken over the rain rain
comin at me like a train train
drivin me insane-sane
wanna run to the sun
Everywhere i look i see rain


everywhere i look i see rain

it'll never be the same
If you don' stop the rain

You didn't have to hurt me

I only wanted what was bet
for you
I only wanted to be there
with love you need
I was the one who always
loved you true
so why do you have to lie
why do i have to cry
why did all those things you
if you don't mean anything
Why did you have to go and
turn my world so cold
And take away that heaven
that i use to hold


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