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A Real Good Man


I've been hurt so many times
for all the men that's done
me wrong
I wish i had a dime
why can't they
appericate me
for who i am and not who
they want me to be
(all i want is)
Someone who makes
me feel like i'm his only girl
(can you hear me)
well if you out there raise
your hand, tell me if you can
'cause i need


Someone who stays true
and knows just what to do
i need a good man
i need a real good man
i need a man who
makes love to my mind
and gives me quality time
i need a good man
i need a real good man

All the heart break in my life
has been caused by men
who insist on acting trite
why must they always play
these games
just respect me, and for you
I'll do the same
(all I want is)
someone who's not afraid
to show some senistivity
(can you hear me)
Well if your out there
let me know it don't be
afraid to show it
'cause I need


I'm lookin for a real
good man
Understand he gotta be
Rollin' with his heart in his hand
Here I am ain't no shame in
my game
you better come direct
with respect
And I'll do the same so
what's my name
And when it comes to
lovin me
you gotta be more than
huggin me
Because you know I would
I will flow it to you good
Like only a real good
woman could

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