I've been walking a long long long time
Came back to hear what you feel about it

It's not the way you look
That makes me feel this way
It's like a blind man with that distant look
You take me where I have to stay

I couldn't hear those three things you were saying
'Cause my mind was away to a big black lie
Of the fact that I were trying
To be something that as yet you're not

Look out people
That should be all alone
Meanwhile say keep away
We don't need no more things to pay

You told me you'd be my friend if only
I would let you to be close to me
It was to hard to believe so I let you go
Bye-ey-ey, let me walk right on by

You didn't even try to know my name
You let me slip right there by
You didn't eve try to know my game

You gotta keep tryin'

Who ever think about my all night crying
That would be to keep trying

Told you so many times before
I feel, I should tell you once again
You have to live with my love to me
I know you now more than a friend

More than a friend could ever be
Like a cool, cool prison that cuts your side
She drove to the deep blue fields
Don't know my troubles and mysteries

Stone believer, stone believer
Stone believer, stone believer

She made me a stone believer
Stone believer
I heard about the things I've been missing
Stone believer

Like that moment I hear the good word
Stone believer
Saying if I should want by insisted
Stone believer

When I heard the good word
Stone believer
I heard about the things I've been missing
Stone believer

You're such a just little believer
Stone believer
'Cause you is the leaders of the clothes
We trust, stone believer

It's such a just little believer, stone believer
It's like all time rush, stone believer, woo
Stone believer, woo, stone believer

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