I'm waiting on a warm and sunny seashore
Yearning for the one that I adore
My heart is true, I'm thinking of you
Forever, I'll love you, Kainoa

I see a sunbeam dancing on the water
Surfing on a wave that comes to shore
The promise in that beam is a long awaited dream
Which tells me that you love me, Kainoa

Now day is done the sun sets Kainoa
Stars are peek a booing from above
The moon gets brighter still in my heart, I feel a thrill
The trade winds say you love me, Kainoa

The silvery moon is shining on the land
Casting palmy shadows on the sand
They dance beneath the moon while the breezes hum a tune
They do this 'cause they love you, Kainoa
Kainoa, I love you

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Written by: Fernando / Luiz Henrique. Isn't this right? Let us know.