Ja Rule - J-LO Da Hoe
I smell a hoe
It's J-LO
I smell a hoe
It must be J-LO the fuckin hoe

Baby don't go
Baby don't go

Please go J-LO
Please go you fuckin hoe


Don't be fooled by the rocks that J-LO's got
She still Jenny from the block
Use to have a little pussy now she has a lot
No matter where she goes she no's where she comes
(The whore house in Bronx)

Picture the scenery
Bitches like J-LO putting music in our society
Which sounds like fuckin misry

Hoe's like J-LO sucks dick to get rich
& this is the game she plays just to get fame
which is quite lame

J-LO is just a fuckin hoe
She even fucks doe, so?

Always saying she's from the block
Bitch always fucks every hour of the clock
I guess she needs a pussy lock

Cause your from the block J-Lo, you think you're a
big hommy
Bitch your just a fuckin phony


How many times have you been a bride?
That's right bitch where is your fuckin pride?

Yes we no you are rich
But your still a bitch

People say you've got a good body
But deep inside you J-LO your nobody

You say you are cool
Bitch your just a fool


How may maids do you have?
That's right bitch you must have aids
Is that why you need so many maids
Are you counting your dayz
Cause trust me bitch your gonna go through a bad phaze
Bitch you say you hold your spot
What spot is that your G spot
You think your hot
Yeah your so hot/ NOT!


Bitch how can you claim your independent
Bitch your dependant on your pussy
Is that why you try to act like a missy, bitch your
just a hussy

I hear your easy
Yeah you no to fuck
Your just a fuckin slut


You think you're a good looker

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