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Been a Long Time


Verse one:
It's been a long time since i felt like i do now
Is it my imagination
You got through to me somehow
I don't even try to get you off my mind
And i know that i can't walk away this time

Chorus one:
And i love the way i feel today
It's crazy, but this time i know
I want it
Oh, i need it
And every new sensation, every move you make
You know i'm ready
Oh, i'm ready

Verse two:
Isn't it crazy what your heart can do sometimes
When it's not the same as yesterday
You open up your eyes
And you see the face you've been dreaming of
And you know that you're about to fall in love

(repeat chorus one twice)

Chorus two:
And i wonder where you are tonight
I wonder if you'll be alright, i'm waiting
And it tears me up inside
And my heart, it feels so heavy
And i just can't take it anymore
I'm ready
Oh, i'm ready

It's been a long time since i felt like i do now
It's been a long, long time
Since i fell in love

Since i fell in
In love


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