Photo of the artist Jake

Dont Want To Lose


Verse one:
I used to live out here, my life and limb together
I used to hang my head, and dream to make it better
If you could understand what's happening to me
Then i wouldn't need myself
To tell me it's not the same, oh no no---

I don't want to lose, no baby
I don't want to find myself all by myself again
I don't want to lose your love, no---
I don't want to find out that there's nothing left to win

Verse two:
Sometimes i feel like nothing's sinking in
I look around and have to ask you where i've been
Sometimes i think maybe it's time to take a chance
But i know you and i
Can reach the other side, oh yeah---

(repeat chorus)

'instrument break'

(repeat chorus)

If you see me on my own again somtime now, baby
Don't pass me by, oh yeah---

(repeat chorus x2)

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