Verse one:
I don't think anyone can see me
I don't feel anyone is there
To catch me if i fall
And i can't help but hide myself
Longing for the arms of jesus
Waiting for the one i love
To whisper in my ear
And tell me i am loved again
I feel you inside of me, i'm not alone

It's the right time to feel your love again
'cause they can't see me
And they don't wanna let me in
But you are smiling 'cause you know where i began
And i know it's time
To feel your love again


Verse two:
I never thought that i was worth it
I never thought that i deserved
This love i feel inside
I thought that i was by myself
But you know everything about me
You look deep inside
The motion picture of my life
And even if i fall again
I know you'll be there for me, to take me home

(repeat chorus x2)

Yes, i know, oh---

I need to feel your love---
I need to feel your love---
I need to feel your love---

I know it's time


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