You know down in Louisiana
We call this old gut-bucket blues
Haney's Big House
Haney's Big House in Ferriday, Louisiana

(Instrumental & piano solo)

Well, I woke up this mo'nin'
Looked down the road
Didn't see my milkcow
I can tell by the way she lowes

If you see my milkcow
Please drive her home
'Cause I ain't had no milk and butter
Since that old cows been gone
Oh, Lord!

(Instrumental & piano)

Well, I don't trust you, mama
You don't trust, Jerry Lee
Get another divorce, I'm lonely
Can't ya see?

Milkcow, stumpbroke
Send her home
We're gonna have some blue
Guitar pickin', here


Take it, boys!

(Instrumental and guitar solo)

Alright, Kenny

(Instrumental and guitar & piano solo)

I'm gon' dedicate this to the I.R.S.

You'll never catch her

Goodbye, pretty mama
She said, 'So long, Jerry Lee'
Goodbye, pretty mama
'So long, for Jerry Lee'

I'm gonna hop me another freight, baby
And hang it in, can't ya see?

Gettin' hot now

(Plays piano)

I gotta show ya all the tricks

This is Rock n' Roll blues, baby!

Okay slide n' pick your guitar!

Well, hello there!


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