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it's over now
still i can't explain it
and that's who we are
i wouldn't try to change a thing
we missed the point
but didn't dodge the scars
see i've learned my lesson
i'm all right so far

lost in your outer space
see that i found my place
i want to be where you are

and that's beautiful
that's beautiful
and that's the beauty, of beautiful

why won't you just stay the night over now
you need to escape but you don't know how
i want you to stay as free as you are
i want you right now

feels like i'm running in place
you put the sun on my face
while i'm shooting down stars

and i can't wait for the day when the real you comes out
it's in your eyes and i see that's it's bound to come out
you say you know what you feel but the words all come out
wrong like excuses you made up why you won't come out
you bite your tongue 'cause you're scared that the truth might come out

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