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lets do the bongjam

i love my friends
let me tell you i love my friends
and though my friends are broken, i love them anyway
because you see, i am broken too, and i love myself like i love my broken friends
its all good, we love each other, its the way it should be

i love my bong
did i say i love my bong
well i do love my bong
and though my bong is broken like my friends
i love it very much
and i love when my broken friends fill my broken bong
it makes the broken love i have for myself grow and grow

did i say i was the fool
well i am quite a fool
and i am fool-filled
when my broken friends fill my broken bong im ful-filled
im defintaly ful-filled
and i cant fix my friends
but i can fix my bong
and they can fix me by filling my broken bong for fulfilling my broken self

its clogged
its clogged
its the bongjam
its clogged

this thing isn't drawing at all man
somebody should clean this thing

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