Every town I go in
There's a street.. uh, hah
Name of the street now, huh
Funky, funky Broadway

Down on Broadway, huh
There's a night club
Now now,
Name of the night club, now baby,
Funky Funky Broadway

Down on Broadway,
There's a crowd, now
Name of the crowd, baby,
Broadway crowd

Down on Broadway, yeah,
There's a dance, hey, huh
Name of the dance,
Funky Funky Broadway

Ahhh! Hah!
Wiggle your legs now, baby,
Shake your head up, Uhhh...
Do the Shing-A-Ling now, baby, uhh
Shake shake shake now

You don't know, hah, baby, hah,
Baby you don't know now, woman... Aowwwh!
Do the Funky Broadway


Lord, have mercy

Oh, you got me feeling all right

Dirty filthy Broadway,
Don't I like Broadway? Huh!
At Broadway, look at here

Down on Broadway,
There's a woman
Name of the woman, hah
Broadway woman


Down on Broadway, yeeaah,
There's a man, hah
Name of the man, now

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