Stolen moments...
Stolen moments...
If i told you i love you, pretty baby,
Would it make up for what they say?
If i hold you and shield you, darlin`,
Will you linger awhile today?
If i hold you and hug you,
My kissin` won`t bug you,
The gossips won`t hurt you,
I`ll never desert you,
And someday will find us
Where people won`t bind us
To the hands of time.
I can use more than moments, pretty baby,
And i know where you steal them from.
There are so many things i`ll teach you,
And they call me a useless bum.
They just chatter and clatter
And patter and matter,
They titter and twitter,
Their glitter gets bitter,
But we`re here,
I steered here,
It`s weird here,
Those beards, dear,
Watch the pantomime.
Watch the pantomime.

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