You Mean That Much To Me

Joann Rosario

(Verse 1)
All along I could hear Your voice say, you are mine, you are
And I knew if I called on You that You would take me in
So I made up my mind to devote my life
And give up all things that won't let me love You

I give You my heart Lord
And all it contains
If it won't make You happy
I will refrain
You'll see this world and all that it offers
I'll give it all away
'Cause You mean that much to me

(Verse 2)
Lord You know You are all I need and I can't ask for more
Sweet and true is Your love for me
You proved that on Calvary
I won't turn back oh no
I'll be faithful to You
And give up all things that won't let me serve You

(Repeat Chorus)

I gotta say now I know how much You love me
You really Your best on the line
You gave Your Son, He gave His life
And now You are asking for mine
And I want You to know
I'll give it all away
I will give it all away

(Repeat Chorus)

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Written by: Fred Hammond / JoAnn Rosario / Noel Hall. Isn't this right? Let us know.