Don't Ever Want To Lose Your Love

Johnny O

When I'm alone and lonely
I think of how a fool I've been for
Breaking your heart, girl, it wasn't my plan

I realize that I hurt you deeply
Can't find a way to say I'm sorry
One thing I know is that I miss you badly, yeah

If I told you I was very sorry
Would you think that I was lying to you, girl?
I can mend your heart, I'll stay by your side
Please come back to me

Don't ever want to lose your love, girl
I promise that I'll love you truly
If you come back to me, I'll cherish you dearly, yeah
If I played you for a fool, I'm sorry
Next time you won't have to worry
Back in my arms is where you belong

The moments that we spent together
I'll treasure in my heart forever
Live like a fool, girl, with somebody new

You gimme so much understanting
Can't find a way to bring you back now
Back in my arms is where you belong, yeah

Please come back to me

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