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My Irish Angel

Jonny Lang

In the fall of the year
She flew across the ocean
To Ireland, the land of her fathers
When we said goodbye, a tear was in her eye
I lost her then and there, my Irish angel

The first letter came, she said she loved it there
And now how she wished I was now with her
She wrote it on the hill, in the gentle Irish rain
I saw her in my mind, my Irish angel
I wrote her back and then
There was no second letter
Just the silence of the storm that fell around me
I let her down, I know
The day I let her go
She's found someone else, my Irish angel

When I first saw her, my heart went into spinning
When they speak of love they call it falling
It was like I held my breath until I laid eyes on her again
Too beautiful, she was my Irish angel
When aI stolen glance led to a stolen kiss
I thought I knew the chance that I was takin
And though I've never known a love as strong as this
And what it was to feel my own heart breaking

So now I raise a glass and then I raise another
One to forget and one to remember
Oh I wanted just to dream the way things could have been
If I hadn't lost my Irish angel

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