It's Only Entertainment

Josh Joplin Group

Richard is important to Richard and
his most important friends
He doesn't take phone calls he sits in
his office and pretends
He's Atticus Finch, he's everybody's mensh
When It comes to clients he counts
himself among the very best
But when it comes to stature he only counts
the size of other mens desks
He's counting every inch, he's counting every inch

CHORUS: And It's only entertainment
It's only entertainment
Don's make it so hard
Don't make it so hard

Amanda of the underground brings high art
to her lo-fi sound
Her nifty hipster friends agree a band's
only as good as its scene
Save us Polly Jean, we know not what we mean


Freddie's demographic grows,
angry boys in baggy clothes
As critics eulogize the songs,
and record store clerks mourn along
And the years go by and the chords don't change
We're all Pat Boone by different names


She gets off work the other side of evening
She counts her tips and tells me that she's leaving
I scrape the plastic plates and dry the glasses
My apron is a testament to madness
Years of washing dishes and she's gone

Her boyfriend brags how many ways he's had her
The busboys and the lines cooks crack with laughter
And I pretend I don't know what they're saying
And they pretend our fate is not the same thing
Years of washing dishes and we're gone

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