Stale coffee, auto-mat
Tired candy staring back
At my ghost in the glare of florescent hues

Transparent plastic wrap
This could be the only map
That I'll need, cause I'm much to lost to lose

My duffel bag is packed, I'm ready to go
The sun is coming up to melt the snow
I feel fine for the first time in a long time
I feel fine for the first time in a while

Bus station bathroom stall
New Deal mural on the wall
Simple life why did you have to leave

Cathedral ceilings hold their breath
The ticket taker is all who's left
As for me I have no one to meet


Bossa nova down town beat
Iponema is calling me
And a girl I used to love is gone
I look around me and see my soul
Sleeping restless in every row
All at once I am glad I am not alone


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