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Strawberry Merigold


Cover me in fire
Drop me down to the deepest darkest ocean
So I never have to feel that way again

Colour on the carpet seven eyes on the ceiling
There's a feeling that comes over you
when you know that
Something has changed forever

Don't lose your wings 'til you learn
How to sing yourself to sleep
I know it seems funny but
Maybe we just said goodbye

I feel strange enough to cry
Strawberry Merigold smile

Please don't bring me down
With that look on your face
Because I almost idn't make it and one day
You just might know how that feels

I heard the mermaids singing once
When I was very small
But know the sound of traffic and human voices
Wakes us 'til we drown

Seven angels seven plagues
And the trumpet and the saved
I tell you man if was me on that beast
I would not let you fuck with me like that

It's dangerous to see beyond
The visions that we breathe
But I can hold it in my hand and know
That theres somthing to this that will never die

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