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Dream Today


Guys in rides with their future brides
Stopping for a light in a childs line of sight
On the hubcap TV set overhead a Pan AM jet
Engine level heat waves caught up in this summer daze

In the offices and tower blocks.
Pure flamenco when they walk. Corridors, polished floors.
Spanish Palace matadors.
The sound of the bell rings, to the king they must bring t
he latest report of where the dollar's sitting.

Dream Today
Daydream today
You are flying high above all that you love
Knowing it'll be okay
Today's getting better Dream Today

Chained waiting short on thanks
Love is money in the bank
Watch the little darlings grow
Scared for them rightly so
Wish upon a falling star scraped knees
Pink scars Hopes and dreams two for one
In the land of legal handguns legal Handguns

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