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As Hummingbirds Fly

Wynonna Judd

VERSE; I don't know about tomorrow I don't know what seasons bring There is much uncertainty That's life I see It can be good or bad Perhaps happy or sad But if I can hear Hummingbirds I too can sing AS HUMMINGBIRDS FLY Oh, AS HUMMINGBIRDS FLY VERSE; Tomorrow will be happier Everyone filled with joy The world chimes will ring It's my desire to dream Looking out and seeing blue skies AS HUMMINGBIRDS FLY There can't be a dry eye For the joy and the happiness
AS HUMMINGBIRDS FLY CHORUS; AS HUMMINGBIRDS FLY Let me take lessons From colorful creatures That buzz around and around Teach me to sing Teach me, teach me To take wings Sing,
sing, sing Sing a song Sing of love All day long AS
HUMMINGBIRDS FLY Oh, AS HUMMINGBIRDS FLY VERSE; Through tough and good times You and I tasted and tried That's life from time to time There's lessons in all things Not knowing what tomorrow will bring The excitement and mytery in everything Hear the happiness as birds sing CHORUS; Repeat Oh

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