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Bless Us Lord

Wynonna Judd

Bless us lord with joy in life bless us with peace, and happiness let us lift ourself to think higher thoughs think of magnificent ideas that bring people together in awe and your love verse; bless us lord help us to teach people about your joy, happiness and love help us to magnify that love the water that quinces thirst chorus; bless us lord in our todays and many tomorrows in our coming out and coming in bless us to find the way to our daddy's arms who loves us and hates our sin bless us lord from each and every heart hear our prayer verse; bless us lord the knowledge you bestowed bless us with forgiveness, health, and love
Shower us with your gifts of mercy and abundance shower us with blessings of joy and oness let us live in peace.
Bridge; thank you thank you jesus we ask for your help to bring abundance here to shower those who worked hard to
Earn chorus; repeat bless lord bless us lord oh, won't you bless us lord bless us lord now, won't you bless us lord bless us lord now, won't you bless us lord

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