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Blue Nun Cafe


He's a devil mama he's a lover
And I know that I should run for cover
He's a looker and mama he's lookin' at me
Well I know he's a real heart breaker
A great pretender and a real love faker
But I'm gonna bring him to his knees

I can read your mind by the words that you don't say
You think I'm thrown' my young love away
Well I was already gone when he called me today
We're gonna meet at the Blue Nun Cafe

Well, the lights are low and it's kinda hazy
The music's loud and it's kinda crazy
But on Saturday night it's the place to be
Well I'll be there and I'll be his baby
And I'll remember how to be a lady
So mama don't you worry about me

I can read your mind by the words...

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