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Dream Chaser


I'm gonna pack my bags and drive all night
I'll be in the mountains by morning light
Drive the road I traveled years ago
As a young girl leaving home

With dreams as big as the trees were tall
I knew I'd have nothin' or I'd have it all
And you all know what happens when the bright lights call
You're either gonna make or you're gonna fall
Make it or you're gonna fall

I'm a dream chaser a star gazer that's what I am
But I've always known I'd come back home when I found my rainbow's end
Rainmakers and heartbreakers could never change my plans
Dream chaser that's what I am

I'm goin' home where the stars shine bright in a mountain sky
That path above I've followed all of my life
It's guiding me back to where my dreams began
Then I'll be gone again I'll be gone again

I'm a dream chaser...
Dream chaser that's what I am

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